The department makes scientific work on «Modern Management in the context of globalization in the Republic of Kazakhstan.» Teachers Department annually takes part in national and international scientific conferences held by institutions of higher education RK: Avgambaeva N.N. International Scientific Conference «Science-2030» University of Alatau, Meirbekova E.M International conference «Modern problems of the economy» KazATISO, present papers, publish articles in the collections of conferences.

Under the guidance of teachers in the Department Students majoring 050507 — Management successfully participate in intercollegiate student conferences, the award of diplomas.
Since its inception, the department regularly increases taechers qualification, as evidenced by the presence of 35 certificates.

Student Scientific Circle

Research work of students (NIRS) is an important aspect of identity formation of the future scientist and specialist qualifications.

In this regard, the department «Management and marketing in health care and pharmacy with the basics right» KazNMU them. S.D.Asfendiyarova valid scientific student circle «Manager 2015» in which students have the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge and high professional skills, but also to develop their intellectual abilities and leadership qualities. Research and student group allows the student to begin full-time academic work, to find like-minded people on it, which you can consult and share the fruits of their research.

In the 2011-2012 academic year (the current period) were performed the following activities:

  1. For the students’ participation in the annual Republican competition NIRS drafted and approved the list of NIRS, which were distributed among students of members of the circle. Carried out detailed advice on writing research. In general, the Department of the teachers have been given advice to plan and stage major events subsequent work on the topic. In January 2012 hosted the first (Cathedral) tour of the Republican contest NIRS University, and February — the second (university) tour.
  2. The head of the researches students Nurpeisova A.A gave a presentation on scholarship programs (The Eurasian Undergraduate Exchange Program) and Edmund Muskie (The Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program). She brought to the student members of the group information that is open to the set of Scholarship Eurasian Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) 2012-2013. As part of our presentation, students learned that these scholarships give them the opportunity  training for one academic year at universities and colleges in the United States.
  3. In the framework of the visit of the professors in the program KazNMU them. S.D.Asfendiyarova in October 2011 student members of the group attended a public lecture by Dr. Sigmund Bluvbanda, an internationally recognized leader in quality, unrivaled lecturer on statistical methods for the study of quality issues and risk assessment on the topic: «Management Analysis: Quality Management».
  4. In December 2011 the members held a discussion meeting of the NSC, dedicated to World AIDS Day. Members of the NSC Erdenbekova S. and E. Omirserikova prepared a report on the subject. In particular, students are told about the history of this issue that the World AIDS Day (World AIDS Day) first celebrated on December 1, 1988, after a meeting of health ministers of all countries, called for social tolerance and the exchange of information on HIV / AIDS . In general, students reported that annually celebrated on December 1 World AIDS Day serves to strengthen the organized efforts to combat the pandemic of HIV and AIDS spreading in all regions of the world and discussed the issues of prevention of AIDS among young people.
  5. In December 2011 members of the circle NSC conducted a seminar-debate on the theme «20 years of economic reform: results, experiences and perspectives», dedicated to 20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was attended by teachers Department, representatives from other universities and academics. In their speeches, all the speakers stressed the historical importance of celebrating the 20th anniversary of independence, said the main events of the formation of Kazakh statehood, was informed of the developments in the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and human development in Kazakhstan, focused on interfaith and inter-ethnic stability.

With an emphasis on Kazakhstan’s foreign policy initiatives, particularly in the field of nuclear disarmament. During the event, participants were handed out informational materials about the history of development of Kazakhstan during the period of independence, as well as the documentary film «20 Years of Independence of Kazakhstan.»