Department of Russian Language

Structure of the department of Russian Language for 2011-2012 academic years.

Department Chairman: Zhanpeisova Ulbosyn Akhmetzhanovna — the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professor, the academician of the International academy of sciences of pedagogical education (Russia, Moscow), the Honorable worker of education RК, the author of working programs and textbooks on Russian for 5,7,10 classes of schools with the Kazakh language of training.

In total – 28 teachers: from them: Zhanpeisova U.A. d.p.s., professor – 1, candidates of science Chumbalova G.M., Darkembayeva R.D., Nizamova M.N., Ozekbayeva N.A., – 4, docents – 4, senior teachers – 15, teachers – 6, trainee teachers – 2.

The basic scientific direction of the department is research of professionally oriented teaching of Russian in conditions of credit system training problems.

Primary goal of PTS is formation among medical students of the communicative competence, ability to solve means of Russian communicative tasks in the basic spheres and kinds of speech activity to use the scientific literature on a specialty for reception of the information, promoting establishment of the professional competence.

Positions of the scientific activity of the department:

  • innovative strategy and tactics of teaching Russian as nonnative in conditions of modernization system of higher education;
  • forms and methods of teaching process organization in conditions of credit technology;
  • technique activation of cognitive activity of students,  perfection of their speech and language competence of training and professional sphere of dialogue, formation of the language person of the competitive specialist;
  • methods of the organization of out-of-class independent work of students in conditions of credit technology;
  • selection and presentation of a language material in view of students specialty.

Scientific research student’s work (SRSW)

Annually on the department SRSW subject Olympiad, the competition devoted to «Day of a science»of the university, competition on the best composition are carried out. Students of  the 1 st course  of the Kazakh branch take part in interacademic student’s actions.

Innovative activity of the department

Members of the department widely use the interactive methods stimulating speech activity of students within the framework of program themes, reflecting cognitive interests and requirements of trainee, methods of training to language and a communicative basis, introduction of scientific style designs, use of the educational texts connected with the future profession of the trainee.

Results of introduction are formation of the communicative competence, inculcation of professional dialogue culture in forthcoming profession of a physician.

The department of Russian KazNMU is provided with academic materials according to SCES, instructive letters, working programs, syllabuses for all departments.

Work academic program «Russian language» for students of medical university is calculated to 6 credits and includes 4 modules.

  • 1 module – Introduction course of  «Russian language»,
  • 2 module –  «Functional styles of the speech»,
  • 3 module – «Scientific text. Compression of the scientific text»,
  • 4 module – «Culture of speech behavior in the professional sphere».

Educational work is carried out according to the Plan of the basic activities on realization of strategy of KazNMU development for 2011-2012 years. The department carries out huge educational work: meetings, excursions, competition Russian songs, readers are organized, etc. The club of aesthetic education «Kalamkas» is successfully operates ( dir.- sen.teach Asembekov S.B.).

In the process of generation of the plan interests of a diverse spiritual life of students are come into account:

  • broadening of aesthetic outlook
  • spiritual and moral culture
  • observance of norms of a healthy life

On results of 2011 for activization of work and high parameters in preparation of employees on SD and ES the gratitude to department of Russian Language is declared to Botayeva U.A., senior teacher of responsible for SD.

At the present time on the background course are training students from Afghanistan.

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