Department of Physical Training, Culture and Health

Рhysical training department was build in 1935. The first manager of the chair was Popov E.N. (1935—1938) Makarenko B.G. managed he chair in 1938-1940. In 1940 and 1952 years managed Gut A.G. after him in 1925 and 1973 years managed Seraliev M.S. In 1974 and 1980 years Ivanov L.P., 1981-1995 years Smirnov V.M. In 1996-2008 years docent Ryabcov Y.A. had been managing the chair.

In 1952-1973 years Seraliev M.S. was the manager of the chair the economical technical base were more strengthened. There built a hard athlete sport complex of about1200 square meter.  On the beach of Isstikkol there had been working the sport curative among 1951-1973 years. In summer there had a rest more man thousands of students and University employees. There were training the teachers of chair and more than 20 of sport masters from different kinds of sport, and candidate for sport master and thousands of 1, 2, 3, categories sportsman.

The Olympic champion Oleg Antropov (volleyball) and the captain of SSSR collection team Sergey Kotenko (swimm3ng ball) prides of the kazahh national medical university.

Many years at the chair there worked he veteran of the Great International was docent M.B. Brusilovski, head teacher A.P. Spivakina, head laboratory M.T. Kudryasheva.

Since 2008 years there have been working T.S. Bekbolatov as a manage of the chair. The sport masters taking part of the international level Olympic J.J. Satubaldin Sydney, Australia, in 2000 y. international level sport master   A.J. Imanbaev Greek-rim wrestling the honored coach of the chair Republic of Kazakhstan in 2008, worked at the chair as a prides of the chair.

Olympic Games main training A.P. Korotkii in Atlanta, USA 1996, Athens Greek 2004 on shooting. The national Olympic orders victor, merited coach 2008 of Republic of Kazakhstan in easy athlete.

There were professor-teachers group among the jour kinds of sport in Spartacus in 2009-2010 school year, for Kaz National Medical University 80-year RK.

Generally, the chairs work to stronger the students health, and training and by the sport instruments to make everybody healthy. There were scientific and methodic works. There made professional and using preparation of the facture doctors.

The manager of the chair of physical training, culture and health                                                                   Bekbolatov T.S.

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