Holding the optional lesson “Traditions of German people”

The optional lesson “Traditions of German people” was held on the 14th of March, 2012 at the department of foreign languages in group № 11-007 of General Medicine faculty (responsible: senior teacher Elenova A.K., teacher Turumbayeva R.R.) aimed at acquaintance students with cultural traditions of German people, extension of students’ mental outlook and world-view, forming intercultural communication.

Students prepared speeches about traditions and customs of German people, about celebration of carnival in Germany, its difference from celebration, for example, Brazil carnival, songs were sung and poems were recited in German language, also German rites were performed.

Within the frames of a dialogue culture there were checked the students’  skills to express their opinions fluently, to keep up a conversation and to assert their positions, taking into consideration diplomacy with the aim of maintaining a dialogue.

The auditorium was decorated with placards, stands and balls, the students performed sketches in national costumes and masks.

Students watched video clip about carnival in Germany with great interest, it was made by the student of the 2nd course of General Medicine faculty Munirova Sayara,also a photo session was performed.

The Head of foreign languages department, associate professor SuleimenovaO.Ja. and responsible for department studies, senior teacher Sadykova A.A. gave memorable presents and books in German language to all participants of the lesson for their active participation and carnival costumes.

According to the results of the activity 3 winners were determined.

The 1st place was given Kyzyrbek Aigul, student of group 11-007.

The 2nd place was given Kozhakhmetkyzy Laila, Tleuzhan Aruana, students of group №11-007.

This optional lesson took great interest among students and they noted high organizational level of its holding and also stressed about the necessity of such activities for creative potential development and students’ language competence.


Sadykova A.A.
Senior teacher of foreign languages department