Modern student. What qualities does he possess?

Competition on the theme: “Modern student. What qualities does he possess?” was arranged at the department of foreign languages by senior teachers Biktasheva G.M., Unasbayeva G.A.

Group №  11-044 (1,2) of General medicine, captain Umirkhanova A. groups  №  11-051, 11-052 of General medicine, captain Abdimanap A. participated in it. Student of group № 10-043 of General medicine Smagina J. was the leader of the competition.

Programme of the competition included:

1. Presentation of teams.

2. Sketches on the theme: “My studies at the University”, “My leisure time”.

3. Teams performances: “Kazakhstan is my motherland”, “Great Britain is a country of the studied language” (slide shows, national traditions and customs,  dances and songs).

4. English level control.

There were given the tasks on controlling knowledge of medical lexics on the passed themes. The students made up crosswords and puzzles.

5.  Discussion on the following issues:

a) Modern student. What qualities does he possess?

b) Corruption and fight against it.

c) KazNMU students’ honour Code.

In conclusion Ibragimov A., a student of group № 11-051 GM, presented his own song “I am happy to be a student of KazNMU!”. All the participants were awarded with diplomas and gifts by the members of jury: a head of the department, associate professor Suleimenova O.Ya., a senior-teacher, responsible for department studies Sadykova A.A. and a senior-teacher Mezgilbayeva Z.M.